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  1. Western Regional Music Festival 2019
  2. MPA Jazz Dinner and Dance May 2018 (+video)
  3. Ludlowe Music Awards 2018




Fairfield Warde and Fairfield Ludlowe’s music programs are proud to announce that a combined total of 90 students have been accepted into the Connecticut Music Educators Association’s Western Regional Festival.  Each year, students have the opportunity to audition for the festival where they are offered professional evaluation of their performance skills and receive scores based on their performances.  Based on their scored evaluations, students are selected to participate in the festival where they combine with other students throughout the region to perform with a guest conductor.  Participation in the festival requires excellent performance skills, as well as high level music literacy capabilities.

The following students were accepted into the Festival:

Fairfield Warde High School

Band: Sian Auer, Henry Bransby-Zachary, Adam Giglietti, Zoe Gupta, Niam Kothari, Thomas Mussio, Molly Scatenato, Zach Sullivan, Paul Sussman, Eric Young, Mei Mei Dittrich, Henry Friedman, Hannah Ulman, Johan Bendiksen, Alexy Berson, Sean Byington

Jazz Band: Kevin Tzanetis

Choir: Caroline Lauf, Meghan Andrade, Dana Calamari, Mallory Elliott, Sarah Gombos, Halley Goodrich, Julia Haas, Harris, Emily Hoffman, Samuel Peterson, Paige Socol

Orchestra: Meghai Choudhury, Gian Dupitas, Harry Graney-Green, Aaron Kiley, Lena Kufferman, Kang Min Nam, Gabriella Passarelli and Samuel Thomas

Fairfield Ludlowe High School

Band: Brennen Alves, Lily Aston, Alex Bow, Ryan Chan, Harrison Eliot, Max Ephron, Nathaniel Epstein, Sophia Garbarino, Aidan Killgallon, Christian Kinne, Collin Lamontagne, Andrew Laroche, Rushil Mallarapu, Carolyn Nesbitt, Christian Peterson, Aaron Pleasure-Kranowitz, Adam Pushner, Tom Roberts, Liam Rosengren, Patrick Ryan, Bennett Spencer, Matt Villalba, Jaimin Vyas, Aidan Walters

Jazz Band: Israel Corona, Jack McCarthy, Nick Peloso

Choir: Szilvi Cimino, Justin Do, Jenna Henninger, Thomas Holtz, Maddie McDermott, Amanda Miller, Vincent Ohe, Jack Owens, Eden Pleasure-Kranowitz, Emerson Raymond, Katie Siclari, Alexandra Therriault

Orchestra: Emmett Adams, Armaan Ajoomal, Michelle Bookas, Ryan Durrell, Xenia Efimov, Michael Jensen, Lauren Ji, Gerald Kim, Michael Kutsch, Emerson Lyons, Sofia Nangle, Freya Nangle, Jen Ng, Lila Nulf, Sravan Parmi

Congratulations to all students accepted for their hard work and achievement!


At the FLHS May 3 Concert, awards were made to the following students:


John Philip Sousa Band Award: Michael Garbarino

Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award: Nicholas Fech

The Director’s Award for Band: Teresa Noonan

The Director’s Award for Band: Lauren DeWitt


National School Orchestra Award: Leila Mishalani

The Director’s Award for Orchestra: Thomas Longo, Anders Ohn, Jeremy Page


Louis Armstrong Jazz Award:  Lauren DeWitt

Woody Herman Jazz Award: Sophia Bookas


National School Choral Award: Blaise Carter, Kieran Brown

The Director’s Award for Chorus: Logan Ciuci


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January 8 MPA Board Meeting – 7:00 pm WARDE

January 8 College Panel – 7:30 pm LUDLOWE

January 11-12 Western Regional Festival

February 2 CMEA All-State Auditions

February 12 MPA Board Meeting – 7:30 pm LUDLOWE

February 20 FWHS Orchestra Concert – 7:30 pm

February 21 FWHS Band Concert – 7:30 pm

February 22 A Cappella Night (snow date 3/1)

February 27 FLHS Band Concert – 7:30 pm

March 6 FLHS Orchestra Concert – 7:30 pm

March 11 MPA Board Meeting – 7:30 pm WARDE

March 12-13 Town-wide Choral Festival Rehearsals

March 14 Town-wide Choral Festival

March 21-25 FWHS Music Trip

Jazz Dinner and Dance, May 18, 2018

The MPA held its 2018 Jazz Dinner Dance at the Inn at Longshore on May 18, 2018, featuring the jazz ensembles of Ludlowe and Warde High Schools.

Here are Kieran Brown, Aleksandra Suvorova, Kai Martelli and Thomas Holtz singing "Lullaby on Broadway" with the jazz band, conducted by Sam Eckhardt.

Below is a video of the beginning of the song

For the complete video click here.

Later in the evening: