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Board of Directors


Co-Presidents: Patty Bilotto and Amy Dutter

President-Elect: Cathy Winter

Secretary: Beth Kenton

Treasurer: John Onofrio

Past President: Meg Jones

A Cappella Night Fundraiser: Amy Dutter and Nancy Wasserman

Board of Ed Rep: Heather Dean

Communications Committee: David Green, Lisa Kilgallon

Football Pep Band Snack Coordinator Ludlowe: Antoinette Rosengren

Football Pep Band Snack Coordinator Warde: OPEN

House Manager/Concert Refreshments Ludlowe: Kathy Gabriel, Diane Manderville

House Manager/Concert Refreshments Warde: MaryAlice Moore & Cathy Winter

Jazz Dinner Dance Co-Chairs: Deanna Bookas and OPEN
Membership: Judi Nesbit

MPA Scholarships: Cathy Winter

Newsletter: Lisa Kilgallon

Senior Gifts Coordinator: Cathy McElroy

Summer Camp Grant Coordinator: Patty Bilotto 
Uniform Coordinator Ludlowe: Kate Eisemann, Diane Manderville
Uniform Coordinator Warde: Valerie Wilke

Used Instrument Sale: Kerry Aston, Eileen Brown, Michele Onofrio

Volunteer Coordinator: Cindy Waldron

Fairfield Public Schools District Staff:

Sara Hoefer - FPS District Music Curriculum Coordinator

Kathy Gabriel - Music Resources Center Secretary


Ludlowe Faculty:

Nicholas Albano - Band Director

Kevin Cotellese - Choral Director

Samuel Eckhardt - Jazz Band Director

Lynda Smith - Orchestra Director


Warde Faculty:

Kathy Conner - Orchestra Director

Adam Cyr - Piano/Keyboard and Music Theory teacher

Scott Marsland - Band and Jazz Band Director

Lauren Verney-Fink - Choral and Music Tech. Director