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The mission of the MPA is to assist and support the music students and music departments of the  Fairfield Public High Schools in order to encourage the pursuit of their musical  interests and to foster a life long love of music.

The MPA recognizes and celebrates Fairfield Ludlowe and Fairfield Warde as two  distinct high schools. The MPA also recognizes and celebrates the unity of the students and Fairfield as a community. The MPA therefore functions as a unifying organization that seeks to combine parental resources of the community for the support and encouragement of all music activities, both at the High Schools and throughout the community.We have developed this website as another way in which we can support and celebrate music at the high schools


The Music Parents’ Association of the Fairfield High Schools, Inc. was formed in 2007. Previous to this, the MPA was a part of the FHS PTA. When FHS became Fairfield Warde and Fairfield Ludlowe, the MPA stayed as part of the Warde PTA, but continued to function at both schools. The MPA Board recognized the uniqueness of each school, but also understood that combining our efforts would result in more resources for the musicians and students, both in school and in the community. The Board therefore voted to become a separate organization, dedicated to support and advocacy of both of the high school music departments. The MPA celebrates the learning, teaching and performance of music. The MPA believes that music matters and advocates music as a life long pursuit.


The MPA provides grants to students in grades 9 – 11 each year who are attending a summer music program and Scholarship Awards each year to graduating seniors.

The MPA supports parents through our two or three education programs each year, which cover such subjects as finding the right summer music program for your student and continuing the pursuit of music at the college level. The MPA e-mail blast informs all of our members of upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and news. Our newsletter highlights student and faculty accomplishments, recent events and membership announcements.

The MPA supports the faculty by recruiting parents to help with uniform fitting, cleaning, inventory, uniform  exchanges and collection. Each September the MPA provides all the volunteers needed to set up and run the used instrument sale. All proceeds of this sale go to the Music Resource Center. The MPA parents volunteer to usher and take tickets at concerts, to sell CDs, and other concert-related activities.

The MPA supports the students by providing refreshments at all home football games for the band members, providing refreshments for the students, faculty and guests after each concert and recognizing the accomplishments of our seniors at the senior awards concerts each spring.

We have developed this website as another way in which we can support and celebrate music at the high schools and throughout the community.